Saturday, February 4, 2012

Training Update

I've often heard it said, mainly when people reach a certain birthday, that "it's all downhill now" as if  that's a bad thing. From a runner's perspective downhill if a fabulous prospect, relax those tired muscles and let gravity do most of the work. My run today was a hilly affair with plenty of uphill as well as downhill. A very cold run, the rain, when it started, immediately froze on the pavements making it very slippy in places. I was surprised when I got home to find that some of the rain had even frozen on my jacket! So I was pleased to complete 18 miles at 7.06 min/mile pace. I even got a year tick in the form of a Grey Wagtail outside Arrowe Park Hospital; somewhat unexpected on an urban run.

Last night I took my son and his girlfriend climbing at Awesome Walls in Liverpool. It's a while since we've been there but we all had a great time and were thoroughly shattered afterwards.
Photos by Lauren.

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