Tuesday, January 17, 2017

St. Asaph Waxwings

A day or so after Christmas, despite suffering from a heavy dose of "manflu", I couldn't resist travelling to St. Asaph in North Wales to look for a flock of waxwings that had been frequenting the area for a few days. They had been feeding on rowan berries in an area close to the river, but on my arrival all the trees there had been stripped of their fruit, but the birds were still present, roosting in the tall trees on the river bank. A few of them occasionally swooped down to snatch berries from the ground, or to drink from the rainwater puddles. But the main flock appeared to be feeding on the opposite side of the river. I scanned the area and found the berry-laden trees which were their latest food source. After alerting other birders to their presence, I hurried across a bridge and managed to obtain some nice images of one of my very favourite species of bird.


Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Farne Islands Calendar

Last month I made a number of calendars as Christmas presents for friends and family based on my visits to the Farne Islands in Northumberland. The islands are a paradise for seabirds and provide the photographer with an inexhaustible source of subjects. It was difficult to chose 12 photos from the many I have taken over the past few years but I eventually settled on the following images.




Arctic Tern

Grey Seal


Flying Puffin


Arctic Tern