Sunday, February 19, 2012

Training Update 2

Planned to run 20 miles on Saturday (yesterday) morning, but the day dawned cold and rainy. On the first 10 mile loop which took in the seafront, I saw some nice flocks of Curlew in the fields and a flock of Turnstone on the sea defences. There were also numerous Oystercatchers flying around looking for a safe roost over the high tide. A torrential downpour swept in off the sea and soaked me to the skin, so I used my half-way drink stop at home to change into completely dry running gear. It wasn't easy re-starting my run after a 5 minute break, but I was glad of the warm clothes. Managed a total of 20.2 miles at an average pace of 7.09 minutes per mile. Ran the Wrexham half-marathon today with my running partner as a slow recovery run. A total of 54 miles for the week, London is exactly 9 weeks away now.

This Turnstone is moulting out of its summer-plumage. An
out of season shot, but one of my favourites. Taken September

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