Thursday, February 16, 2012

Iceland 2

As promised, a few more photos from my Iceland trip a few years ago.

 This is the geyser called Strokkur at Geysir. Obviously the word "geyser" derives from the Icelandic word "geysir" meaning gusher. The geyser Geysir itself is not as reliable as Strokkur which spouts 30 meters into the air every few minutes.

This Greylag Goose was on a lake in the centre of Reykjavik.
 It's a common feral breeder in the UK, the Icelandic
 population being migratory has better provenance.

These Northern Fulmars were seen from a whale-watching
boat out of Olafsvik in the west of Iceland.

The fishing port of Olafsvik was a great place to observe
Glaucous Gulls.

This beautiful European Golden Plover was photographed on
moorland near Snaefellsjokull, the active volcano made famous
in Jules Vernes' Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

 This female Goldeneye was on Lake Myvatn
in the north. This lake holds both Common and
Barrow's Goldeneye. The dark bill colour leads me
to believe that this is a Common. Beautiful, nevertheless.

I found this grey-phase Gyr Falcon perched by a road near Lake
Myvatn. It stayed put while I took some shots from my car, only
to be scared off by some guy with a video who jumped out of his

My visit to Iceland was timed to coincide with the best time
for cetacean watching, i.e, the summer. Consequently, birds
such as this Harlequin Duck were already moulting, but that
at least provides me with an excuse to return to this fantastic
country to see birds such as this in their stunning breeding

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