Sunday, February 12, 2012

PB and Martin Mere

After a week when my marathon training didn't go to plan due to an upset stomach, I managed to set a personal best today. I ran the "Mad Dog" Southport 10k in a time of 37minutes and 37 seconds which is almost a minute faster than my previous best so I must be doing something right in my training. My time was no doubt helped by a course that was flatter than the proverbial pancake and the absence of any wind.
I decided to visit Martin Mere in Lancashire after the race as it was not too far to drive, mainly to pick up some birdseed for my garden birds but also for lunch and a quick birdwatch. It was a very dull and overcast day, not the best conditions for photography but it's always worth a try.
Saw my first treecreeper of the year.

Male Ruff, nice reflection on a dull day.

Male Ruff giving a theat display to another male.

This male Pheasant brightened up the
grey day.

Photographed these these fungi on a dead oak tree using my
zoom lens as I didnt have my macro with me. I'm not skilled
at fungi identification so will update the caption once I have
identified the species!

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