Saturday, November 10, 2012

Leighton Moss

My friend Jane and I visited this fabulous RSPB reserve towards the end of October in the hope of photographing Kingfishers on the Eric Morecombe pools. Unfortunately the Kingfisher did not show but there is always plenty to see at this amazing site.
One of the highlights was undoubtedly the Bearded Tits visiting the grit trays on the public causeway. We nearly missed them as they tend to show well first thing in the morning and we didn't arrive until 10. But we did see at least three birds including a stunning male.
Other highlights included Marsh Tit, Mediterranean Gull, two Marsh Harriers, Sparrowhawk and a mini starling roost - I'm sure the numbers will pick up as winter approaches. The Red Deer were bellowing loudly from the reedbed but were very difficult to see, but a stag did splash across  the pool in front of the Tim Jackson hide. Mostly we could just see antlers moving above the reeds! The day finished with a beautiful sunset followed by a delicious curry in Carnforth.

Female Bearded Tit, near the grit trays on
the public causeway.

Adult winter-plumaged Mediterranean Gull.

Male Chaffinch - I have photographed a lot of Chaffinches recently,
but despite being extremely common they are quite attractive birds.

Marsh Tit - Leighton Moss is an excellent place to see this species.

Coots are one of the quintessential birds of the reserve and are
full of character.

Sunset from Tim Jackson hide - there were at least three Red Deer
Stags hidden in the reedbed.

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