Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rose-coloured Starling

On Sunday the 17th I took my family to Conway RSPB reserve to show them the family of Stoats that had been showing very well on the previous Friday (photos to be published soon). After some good views of the mother bringing food to the kits, I ventured to nearby Rhos-on-sea where an adult male Rose-coloured Starling had been seen. Despite a long wait the bird did not show while I was there.
I returned to the site yesterday (Wednesday), while on my way to Snowdon, and had brief views of the bird perched on the roof of a house but it did not come down to the feeders. I continued on to Snowdon and ran to the summit and back as part of my training for next month's mountain race. I returned to Rhos-on-sea but the bird had still only been seen briefly all afternoon. I was pleased that I had seen the bird earlier, but any return to obtain better photos will have to be postponed until the weather improves again.

Adult Rose-coloured Starling, a gorgeous bird.

Young Stoat licking blood from around his mouth.

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