Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Quay part 2

I cannot think of a better way of spending a summer's day than sitting on the seawall at New Quay in Wales and watching the Bottlenosed Dolphins.
Land-based cetacean-watching often means long hours spent on remote headlands staring though a telescope at a featureless ocean in the hope of sighting distant fins or maybe a blow from a whale. But at New Quay even the casual observer without binoculars can get good views of dolphins.
The following photos were all taken from the seawall at New Quay. I'm posting a few extra photos because I know that many dolphins are known individually by their fins and that researchers, such as those at the Sea Watch Foundation, can find such data useful.
Dolphins are indescribably beautiful, so I won't try. No captions required.

I was thrilled that one of my dolphin photos appeared on Autumnwatch Unsprung last year!

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