Sunday, March 17, 2013

Treecreeper (2)

The weather has been very changeable recently but there are signs that Spring is underway; daffodils and crocuses are beginning to flower and woodland birds such as Song Thrush and Great Tit are in full song. I have yet to see my first Spring migrant, but a Wheatear and White Wagtail have both been seen at Leasowe this weekend.
Marathon training is progressing well (touch wood!) ; I managed a long run of 20 miles yesterday which brought my total mileage for the week up to 48 miles.
After visiting my son in Liverpool today I stopped of at Hale near Speke to look for a Great White Egret but I found only a Little Egret. I drove on to Moore Nature Reserve and spent some time in the woodland, hoping to see Lesser Spotted Woodpecker but again I was unsuccessful. Nevermind, the feeding station at this fab reserve was packed with birds including Great Spotted Woodpecker and I also glimpsed a Willow Tit. Bird of the day was a Treecreeper, which is the first one I have seen this year. Insectivorous birds such as this must be struggling to find food in the cold weather, and it doesn't look like conditions are going to improve this week.
I took a few shots of the Treecreeper in poor light in deep woodland and I am fairly pleased with the results in such conditions. The photo below clearly shows the enormous claws that this arboreal bird utilises when climbing.

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