Monday, September 3, 2012

Butterflies, Dragonflies and BMX

I returned to Llandegla in North Wales last Saturday afternoon with my son Adam as the weather was still looking good for photographing insects. After lunching on some excellent food in the cafe (mentioned in The Times' Good Food Supplement!), we walked down to the reservoir where I had had good views of butterflies last week. Although it had clouded over somewhat there were still reasonable numbers of butterflies on the thistles. So we spent a happy few hours filming and photographing.

Peacocks were the most abundant butterfly present with about a 
dozen seen in one small area.

At least two Red Admirals were feeding on the nectar, this is
 one of my favourite butterflies.

 The underside of the Red Admiral is cryptically coloured,
 probably to camouflage the butterfly during winter hibernation.

Only one Small Tortoiseshell was seen, a beautiful insect that has
sadly declined in number in recent years.

A few Black Darters were seen, mainly the yellow females as pictured
This Common Lizard was seen warming up on a metal grid.

No trip to Llandegla would be complete without a ride on the trails.
I'd ridden these jumps before on my mountain bike, but doing them on
my BMX was something new and great fun! 

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