Sunday, April 29, 2012


My recent trip to Scotland produced only distant views of Bottlenosed Dolphins and certainly none were even close enough for record shots. But in July 2009 I stayed at Avoch on the Moray Firth, which is only a few miles away from the famous dolphin watching spot at Chanonry Point. I visited this site twice a day and saw dolphins on about 90% of my visits. Sometimes the animals were a long way from the shore while on other occasions they were very close giving stunning views. The weather for that week in Scotland was rainy and cloudy but at times it was very rainy and very cloudy! Typical Highland weather, I'm sure the sun must have broken through occasionally.
Bottlenosed Dolphins are truly enigmatic animals, they have a very special place in the human imagination. Language alone is inadequate to describe their energy, power, beauty and grace. But one word that they surely embody is dynamic; their reckless acrobatics are one of their most defining attributes.
Here are a few shots from that trip. No captions required.

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